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We offload work from key people in your company, leaving them free to focus on whatever makes them most valuable to you. Our goal is to become a productive partner in your development strategy, demanding little supervisory time but delivering high quality results.

For Large Companies, Creative Engineering augments your in-house staff during peak times,  for Mid-Sized Companies Creative brings specialized expertise that may be unavailable internally, and Smaller Companies use Creative as an on-demand Product Development and Engineering department. Our customers projects often require:

  • Cost targets that may be difficult to reach
  • Differentiation from competitive products
  • Innovative mechanical solutions
  • Aesthetics blended with function
  • Resolving conflicting or difficult design goals
  • Deadlines that may be tight

The Creative Development Process offers these results for your product:

  • It works: Creative has a focus on function, seeking simple and elegant solutions.
  • It looks good: Visually appealing and ergonomic designs
  • The factory can make it: Manufacturable, reliable, and cost effective production designs
  • It’s patentable: Patent-worthy improvements often result from our work
  • Peace of mind: customers know the project is in good hands, and are free to focus on other priorities


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