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What We Do

We offload product design work from key people in your company, leaving them free to focus on whatever makes them most valuable to you. Our goal is to become a productive partner in your development strategy, demanding little supervisory time but delivering high quality results for your product.

For Companies with in-house engineering, Creative Engineering augments your in-house staff during peak times and brings specialized expertise that may be unavailable internally. Companies without in-house engineering resources use Creative as an on-demand Product Development and Engineering department.

Our customer’s projects often require:

  • Cost targets that may be difficult to reach
  • Differentiation from competitive products
  • Innovative mechanical solutions
  • Aesthetics blended with function
  • Resolving conflicting or difficult design goals
  • Deadlines that may be tight

The Creative Development Process offers these results for your product:

  • It works: Creative has a focus on function, seeking simple and elegant solutions.
  • It looks good: Visually appealing and ergonomic designs
  • The factory can make it: Manufacturable, reliable, and cost effective production designs
  • It’s patentable: Patent-worthy improvements often result from our work
  • Peace of mind: customers know the project is in good hands, and are free to focus on other priorities

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